Staw.Finance: EarlyBirds Campaign & Governance Plan.

What is STAW ➝ STAked Waves.?

STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. It creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via defi-staking. By staking, we mean locking WAVES within users wallets via a dApp interaction to mints STAW tokens at defined Ppy & Sf*. 👉Read More on Forum
⚠️The $STAW token has not been launched and not in circulation. STAW shall be released according to roadmap and dapp release




We target 20,000 applications and below are the benefits:

  • All applicants are eligible to share the 200k STAW supply.
  • STAW is minted to your wallet instantly.
  • The Minting Rate is 0.00000002 STAW/Milli-secs.
  • You decide how many STAW you can claim at 183 Days.
  • No Scarcity factor is applied & St. Waves is within your wallet.
  • Referrals are paid from 10% of 200k tokens, paid after all event
  • You can use the calculator to determine your minting power.


  1. Fill the application form once, with reacheable email
  2. Submit Waves.Exchange Address (starting with “3P”) — Do not submit a Binance or other exchange account.


  • Initial Supply emission of 5 mln STAW is created.
  • 20% supply is allocated as staking reserve with a 168.9% APY
  • 2% is allocated for proposed Initial Liquidity Offering (100k STAW).
  • 10% supply is allocated for Developments & Marketing:
    🔹Early birds (4%) access with a 6-month scarcity trigger (without scarcity factor).
    🔹6% of initial emission is allocated for the team and other marketing, with 6 month vesting.
  • Community mintable supply (68% — 3.4 mln STAW) is allocated for creating WAVES scarcity and other needs under full governance control. Every community mint allocates 20% distribution to
  • Any changes to this original governance distribution will be subject to community poll.


STAW tokens will be stake-able on immediately after the token launch. Staking your STAW shall grant some 168.9 %APY. Below is the staking dapp with XFP staking enabled.

Token verification on Waves.Exchange.
👉 Vote for STAW

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Staw.Finance is a community-served protocol, facilitating $WAVES scarcity, tokens stakes, credit facility and commodity market at defined entries.