What is STAW?

STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. It creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via DeFi-staking. By, DeFi-Staking of Waves, we mean Locking WAVES coin to mints STAW tokens. The DApp mints STAW tokens, when anyone locks WAVES at defined Ppy.

How Dapp will works:

In an instance, where a user locks WAVES for a defined Ppy — Periodic Lock Per Year (e.g 7 Days). The user is instantly minted with STAW tokens according to stated Ppy. The user’s WAVES is locked for the stated period within its wallet. And unlocking starts for an additional 7-days after the locking period and can be claimable intermittently or at end of unlocking period.

Proposed Utility

#1. STAW Tokens, creates secondary level scarcity for $WAVES.
#2. As governance token, STAW is use to make proposal changes via voting.
#3. As governance token, STAW is used as collateral for credits (loans) facility.

Token Specification

Asset Name: STAW
Asset Ticker: STAW
Asset Decimal: 8
Initial Supply: 5,000,000 STAW
Accessibility: STAW can be minted or staked by community via DApp
Dev Incentive: 20% Per dApp Mint
MVP Dapp: app.staw.finance


Mintable Tokens: 3,500,000 STAW
Staking Reserve : 1,000,000 STAW
Dev & Marketing: 400,000 STAW
Proposed ILO Sp: 100,000 STAW

Proposed Products

#1. Staking DApp (Custom Tokens) — Live
#2. Scarcity Dapp — Coming Soon
#3. Credit Dapp — Coming Soon

Community Action

The STAW token has joined the ongoing WX.Network Token Creation Contest, We ask Community members to vote for STAW in good faith.
👉Click & VOTE with gWX

Discussion Communities:

Forum: https://forum.waves.tech/t/staw-finance-creating-waves-scarcity/22152



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Staw.Finance is a community-served protocol, facilitating $WAVES scarcity, tokens stakes, credit facility and commodity market at defined entries.